October 1994 (Japanese) / (Title List)

[Special Edition “The Effects, Mechanisms and the Application of Autogenic Training”]
[Symposium Ⅰ “Effects and Mechanisms of Autogenic Training”]
The Effects of Autogenic Training on the Vagal Nervous Function Takakazu Oka, Masanori Handa, Yoichi Matsuoka, Tetsuya Nakagawa
An Electroencephalographic Study with Topographic Analysis on Autogenic Training Shinobu Nomura, Yumiko Masuda
[Symposium Ⅱ “The Application of Autogenic Training to Psychosomatic Illnesses”]
The Application of Autogenic Training to Psychosomatic Disorders – Analysis on Factors Concerning the Judgment of its Use – Yoichi Matsuoka, Norio Mishima, Chiharu Kubo
The Selection and the Optimal Timing of Autogenic Training Strategies for Psychosomatic Illnesses Shinichiro Hara
Treatment of Psychosomatic Patients by Autogenic Neutralization Hideki Matsubara
[Original Articles]
A Case of School Refusal with Tic Effectively Treated with Autogenic Training Tamaki Habu
Study on Psychophysiological Training in Schools Osamu Murakami
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