May 1997 (Japanese) / (Title List)

[Special Edition “Evaluation of the Effect of Autogenic Training and Therapy”]
[Symposium “Evaluation of the Effect of Autogenic Training and Therapy”]
Chairman’s Address Hiroshi Ishizu, Koichi Nakano
Judgment on the Effects of Autogenic Training Yoichi Matsuoka, Motoko Matsuoka
Change of Cognitive Attitudes Found through Questionnaires -Development of Measures for Cognitive Styles Modified by Autogenic Training- Yosuke Sakairi
Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Autogenic Training through Psychological Test Scores Michiaki Saito, Hitomi Sakamoto, Ichiro Matsunaga
Fluctuation of Autonomic Responses and Characteristics of Psychological Changes through Autogenic Training Yuji Sakano, Kenji Sato, Tomonori Nishizaki
Specific Effects and Hypnotic Suggestion in Autogenic Training and Progressive Relaxation and their Variations Paul M.Lehrer
[Original Articles]
Application of Autogenic Training to a Patient with Cerebral Contusion -Considerations regarding Anxiety Reduction and Improvement of Symptomatic Headache- Michiko Takano, Suehiro Ando
Nervose Pollakisuria treated with Autogenic Training and in vivo Exposure based on Telephone and Fax Contacts Makoto Sakai
An Examination of the Words that are used as the Verbal Formula in Autogenic Training (AT) by using Semantic Differential Technique Masashi Sugie
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